Thursday, May 21, 2009


As Memorial Day approaches, I am taken back to forty years ago when we got the news that my brother gave the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. I was twelve years old but that memory of the look on my Mom and Dad's face when I walked in the door that day is forever etched in my mind. His death left a big scar on our hearts that can never heal. There are so many families with the same scar and my thoughts are with them now. May God bless the ones that made it home and bless the families of the ones who didn't. In Memory of Cpl. Kenneth Allen Mason......

I love you brother~~Chatty Kathy

Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, over the past eight months I have been going to a ladies gym exercising, working with weights, swearing, working out more, swearing.....well, you get the idea and if you work out, you know exactly what I am saying. Last night was time to be measured again. I was a little nervous because I felt I had maybe over done it since adding a lot more protein to my diet. Got on those scales and hmmmmm, weight was the same as last month so I haven't gained. That was good news!! When my trainer finished measuring and doing totals, I have lost eight pounds and 19.5 inches total!!!! WooHoo!!! I can finally see some results. Seems like it took forever!!! These results make me even more determined to keep it up. Ooh, gotta go, I think I hear Olivia Newton John singing "Let's Get Physical". Great exercise song....see you later~~Chatty Kathy

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two posts in one day!!! WooHoo!!

I'm on a roll now!! Twice in one day!! Anyway, had to tell you about a giveaway my friend, Melissa is doing. Look at this doll~~

Go take a look at Plain Worker Primitives and see what a little ham she is in front of the camera! Be sure and leave a post for a chance to win. Till next time....take care~~Chatty Kathy

Good grief, what is my problem?

Why can't I keep this blog updated? I have good intentions, I really do. The past few weeks, life has just gotten in the way. My little grandson, Mason, has been sick and in the hospital, my granddaughter, Shelby, is playing softball (and doing quite well I might add) and with going back to work full time, well, doesn't seem to be much time left to play in here.

BUT, you wanna know the real reason.....I visit one blog and that blog takes me to another blog and another and on and on and on and the eye candy and tutorials make my blog so boring, I don't wanna be in here. LOL!! I have found some really great blogs lately!!! One in particular that has caught my eye is The Pickled Pepper Patch. I can't wait each morning to see what Char has come up with. Want to know how to make something? Go visit Char. She probably has a tutorial that tells you exactly what to do!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

I promise to make an effort to do better at updating, however, if I go missing again, I am probably in my shop making something that Char has shown me!! LOL!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mom's and to all the Mr. Mom's too!!!