Monday, November 30, 2009

I’m kinda, sorta finished….

Well, I have the trees up, decorated with ornaments and the outside stuff up but the tweaking continues. LOL!!  I have a few pics to show you.  I’m not the best at taking pictures so bear with me please…first is a couple of pics in my living room

Christmas 09 002

Christmas 09 015

the foyer

Christmas 09 004

dining room

Christmas 09 006

a couple of the breakfast area

Christmas 09 012 Christmas 09 011

reading corner in my bedroom

Christmas 09 005

The outside pictures didn’t take very well.  It’s probably the operators fault and not the camera—hehe!

Christmas 09 018

I added three smaller trees on the front porch

Christmas 09 021

Love my moose and trees hubby and I made about three years ago.

Christmas 09 020

Also, put a tree in the upstairs of our workshop

Christmas 09 003

This is a close up of a porcelain Santa that my Mom made me several years ago.  It is my most favorite Christmas possession.

Christmas 09 007

I don’t know how to make the pics clickable to enlarge them.  Hopefully, you can get the idea of how my home looks.  I’m sure I will change a few items around.  I would like to get some gingerbread men ornaments made to add to one of my trees, but not sure that will happen this year.   We have decided to have a Christmas drop in on the 20th so I am now planning what foods and goodies I will have.  I used to have a drop in every year and for some reason (not sure what the reason was now) I stopped.  Kinda looking forward to having this one.  I wanted to plan for a Saturday but all our Saturdays are already booked up so the 20th was the only day I could do it.  If you are in my area, you are more than welcome to drop in!!!  Come early enough and you can help me cook!!!  LOL!! 

Have a great week!!  Chatty Kathy

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You got how many trees?

Some big, some small……..but so far 12 trees are out.  I have more for outside.  I’ll get to those later today….maybe!!  More pics when I finish…..well, more pics when  get more done.  I don’t think I ever completely finish decorating. LOL!!

Trees 09 010 Trees 09 001 Trees 09 002 Trees 09 003 Trees 09 004 Trees 09 005 Trees 09 006 Trees 09 007 Trees 09 008 Trees 09 009

I need to get my Olde Fashioned Christmas Swap in the mail today too.  Guess I better get up off my behind and get to work, huh?  Have a great day!!  Chatty Kathy

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What goes around, comes around...

I received this email today and thought it was a great story and lesson for Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!

The man slowly looked up. This was a woman clearly accustomed to the finer things of life. Her coat was new. She looked like she had never missed a meal in her life. His first thought was that she wanted to make fun of him, like so many others had done before."Leave me alone," he growled... To his amazement, the woman continued standing. She was smiling -- her even white teeth displayed in dazzling rows. "Are you hungry?" she asked. "No," he answered sarcastically. "I've just come from dining with the president. Now go away. The woman's smile became even broader. Suddenly the man felt a gentle hand under his arm. "What are you doing, lady?" the man asked angrily. "I said to leave me alone."

Just then a policeman came up. "Is there any problem, ma'am?" he asked. "No problem here, officer," the woman answered. "I'm just trying to get this man to his feet. Will you help me?" The officer scratched his head. "That's old Jack. He's been a fixture around here for a couple of years. What do you want with him?" "See that cafeteria over there?" she asked. "I'm going to get him something to eat and get him out of the cold for awhile." "Are you crazy, lady?" the homeless man resisted. "I don't want to go in there!"

Then he felt strong hands grab his other arm and lift him up. "Let me go, officer. I didn't do anything.." "This is a good deal for you, Jack," the officer answered. "Don't blow it." Finally, and with some difficulty, the woman and the police officer got Jack into the cafeteria and sat him at a table in a remote corner. It was the middle of the morning, so most of the breakfast crowd had already left and the lunch bunch had not yet arrived. The manager strode across the cafeteria and stood by his table. "What's going on here, officer?" he asked. "What is all this, is this man in trouble?" "This lady brought this man in here to be fed," the policeman answered. "Not in here!" the manager replied angrily. "Having a person like that here is bad for business."

Old Jack smiled a toothless grin. "See, lady. I told you so. Now if you'll let me go. I didn't want to come here in the first place." The woman turned to the cafeteria manager and smiled. "Sir, are you familiar with Eddy and Associates, the banking firm down the street?" "Of course I am," the manager answered impatiently. "They hold their weekly meetings in one of my banquet rooms." "And do you make a goodly amount of money providing food at these weekly meetings?" "What business is that of yours?" "I, sir, am Penelope Eddy, president and CEO of the company." "Oh." The woman smiled again.. "I thought that might make a difference."

She glanced at the cop who was busy stifling a laugh. "Would you like to join us in a cup of coffee and a meal, officer?" "No thanks, ma'am," the officer replied. "I'm on duty." "Then, perhaps, a cup of coffee to go?" "Yes, ma'am. That would be very nice." The cafeteria manager turned on his heel. "I'll get your coffee for you right away, officer." The officer watched him walk away. "You certainly put him in his place," he said. "That was not my intent.. Believe it or not, I have a reason for all this."

She sat down at the table across from her amazed dinner guest. She stared at him intently. "Jack, do you remember me?" Old Jack searched her face with his old, rheumy eyes. "I think so -- I mean you do look familiar." "I'm a little older perhaps," she said. "Maybe I've even filled out more than in my younger days when you worked here, and I came through that very door, cold and hungry." "Ma'am?" the officer said questioningly. He couldn't believe that such a magnificently turned out woman could ever have been hungry. "I was just out of college," the woman began. "I had come to the city looking for a job, but I couldn't find anything. Finally I was down to my last few cents and had been kicked out of my apartment. I walked the streets for days. It was February and I was cold and nearly starving. I saw this place and walked in on the off chance that I could get somethingto eat." Jack lit up with a smile. "Now I remember," he said. "I was behind the serving counter. You came up and asked me if you could work for something to eat. I said that it was against company policy." "I know," the woman continued..... "Then you made me the biggest roast beef sandwich that I had ever seen, gave me a cup of coffee, and told me to go over to a corner table and enjoy it. I was afraid that you would get into trouble.. Then, when I looked over and saw you put the price of my food in the cash register, I knew then that everything would be all right."

"So you started your own business?" Old Jack said. "I got a job that very afternoon. I worked my way up. Eventually I started my own business that, with the help of God, prospered." She opened her purse and pulled out a business card. "When you are finished here, I wantyou to pay a visit to a Mr. Lyons. He's the personnel director of my company. I'll go talk to him now and I'm certain he'll find something for you to do around the office." She smiled. "I think he might even find the funds to give you a little advance so that you can buy some clothes and get a place to live until you get on your feet. If you ever need anything, my door is always open to you."

There were tears in the old man's eyes. "How can I ever thank you?" he asked."Don't thank me," the woman answered. "To God goes the glory. He led me to you." Outside the cafeteria, the officer and the woman paused at the entrance before going their separate ways. "Thank you for your help officer," she said. "On the contrary, Ms. Eddy," he answered. "Thank you. I saw a miracle today, something that I will never forget, And thank you for the coffee."

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Chatty Kathy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now you see it…..

Electrical Box cover 002

Ugly, metal, grey electrical box cover…yuck

Now you don’t…..

Electrical Box cover 003

Electrical Box cover 004

YES!!!  Love it!!  I have covered most everything else in my house, so why not this?  I told hubby what I wanted and he finished it today.  Looks much better, huh?  He even put one of those slide closures on the door.   Now, what is next on my list?  LOL!!

Have a great evening…Blessings~~Chatty Kathy

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Honor and Memory of our Veterans…..

Thank you for your service, dedication, love and respect for our Country.   I am forever grateful to you!!!

Flying Flag

In memory of the ones who paid the ultimate price……


Cpl. Kenneth Allen Mason killed in Vietnam on January 5, 1969, age 20.  He was a son, brother and husband.  I miss you brother.

God Bless, Chatty Kathy

Friday, November 6, 2009

Got my gift basket ready!!


Mason gift basket

Tomorrow is our annual car show and I finally got a gift basket ready for giveaway!!  Lots of stuff in that basket…peg board, wooden Christmas stocking, Farmhouse table server, apples, pears, Christmas tags, crocheted coasters, primitive Frosty Christmas book and lots more. Not sure if it will be a door prize or if we will sell $1.00 tickets and have a drawing later in the day.  All proceeds go to local children’s shelters, Toys for Tots, Meals on Wheels or other local charities.  In fact, the car registration fee is a money donation (any amount) or donate a toy.  An Edsel wagon will be filled to the roof and overflowing with toys.  We have lots and fun and I look forward to this show every year.  My nephew works really hard to put this together but his love for helping children makes it worth it!!  I am very proud of him!!  Go to Mason’s Hot Rods to see pics from past shows.  If you are in our area tomorrow, be sure and come by!!  I will be at the registration table!!  Hugs, Chatty Kathy