Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm baaccckkk.....

but you didn't know I was gone, huh?  Took a trip to San Antonio, Texas for a few days.  Enjoyed absolutely beautiful and warm weather and came home to cold and yuck.  LOL!!  Except for spending 14 hours in airports trying to get to Texas, the trip was great.  Don't think I want to fly Delta again.  The first delay was because of weather conditions in Atlanta with fog.  That delay caused us to miss our flight out of Atlanta and the next flight was 6 hours later.  Well, we got reassigned to the later flight and when we checked in the exact words out of his mouth were "you are not on this flight, you left on the 1:42 flight".  Huh, do you not see me standing here?  After about 15 minutes, he finally confirmed our flight and we were on our way, thank goodness!!  It only took a little over 5 hours to get home and that was with a one hour layover in Dallas.  Here is a view from our hotel on the Riverwalk.

On Saturday that river was lime green!!!  Yep, St. Patrick made a visit and turned it green.  There was lots of festivities with music, food, street parade and then a river parade.  Lots of people and we had a great time!! 

I haven't been up to much since my last post so nothing really to tell.  Maybe something exciting will happen soon!!!  Heading off to work, take care!!  Hugs, Chatty Kathy