Monday, May 31, 2010

Have a great Memorial Day!

Gosh, I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted.  Spring has been really busy.  Three of our grandchildren were playing ball, of course, all at different fields and times (although some were at the same time!) so we were all over the place.  But it was fun!!  Glad it's over for now. 

The house is painted!!  FINALLY!!  Took the painter a while to get started but he did a great job and we have now hired him to paint the porch railings, stain the deck and replace the screen on our porch.  Did not plan on spending the extra money but time has not permitted us to get much maintenance done on the house this year.  I also did not plan on spending over $2,000.00 on a new washer and dryer either!!!  Not happy about that but when the repairman told us it would cost over $800.00 to fix the washer we decided we could probably get a new one for not much more than that.  So shopping we go and hubby wants a matching set.  Yes, I said hubby, not me, wants a matching set!!!  My washer and dryer are behind closed doors so I really don't care if they match or not.  Anyway, we got 'em and they will be delivered after we get back from vacation in a couple of weeks.  Anybody have the ones with the steam features?  I have heard they are really good but haven't used them myself so we shall see if the "steam" is worth the extra money.  I sure hope so!!!

My post on this Memorial Day is in memory of my brother, Kenneth Allen Mason, killed in Vietnam on January 5, 1969.  Thanks brother....I love you and miss you.....

Have a wonderful Memorial Day folks!!  Don't forget to says "Thanks" to our military.  All gave some.....but some gave all.  God Bless!!!  Chatty Kathy