Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two posts in one day!!! WooHoo!!

I'm on a roll now!! Twice in one day!! Anyway, had to tell you about a giveaway my friend, Melissa is doing. Look at this doll~~

Go take a look at Plain Worker Primitives and see what a little ham she is in front of the camera! Be sure and leave a post for a chance to win. Till next time....take care~~Chatty Kathy


Two Mile Creek Primitives said...

Hi Kathy, Rene here from two mile creek When you line up the stars yes the one will be shorter.. They won't make any sense if they are in a pile..LOL When they are slid together Then they fit fine. Yep the one is shorter, it's points have to be cut away so the second star can fit thru it. The angle wouldn't be right if it went to the top. Is the horizontal part of the stars even when they are fit together? Then it should be right... Just make sure the thickness of the wood you are using is the same thickness of the slot. You can always sand it a bit to make it wider to fit..hard to put wood back after you cut it too wide!.. Hope this helps..let me know.. I want it to be just the way you want it.. Hugs Rene


Kathy...send me your address and I will send you instuctions for the Pot Lady....Judy