Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good grief, what is my problem?

Why can't I keep this blog updated? I have good intentions, I really do. The past few weeks, life has just gotten in the way. My little grandson, Mason, has been sick and in the hospital, my granddaughter, Shelby, is playing softball (and doing quite well I might add) and with going back to work full time, well, doesn't seem to be much time left to play in here.

BUT, you wanna know the real reason.....I visit one blog and that blog takes me to another blog and another and on and on and on and the eye candy and tutorials make my blog so boring, I don't wanna be in here. LOL!! I have found some really great blogs lately!!! One in particular that has caught my eye is The Pickled Pepper Patch. I can't wait each morning to see what Char has come up with. Want to know how to make something? Go visit Char. She probably has a tutorial that tells you exactly what to do!!! You will not be disappointed!!!

I promise to make an effort to do better at updating, however, if I go missing again, I am probably in my shop making something that Char has shown me!! LOL!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mom's and to all the Mr. Mom's too!!!

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plain*worker*primitives said...

Hey girl..not to worry I still love ya!! I know how time just seems to disappear and before you know it your asleep lol so much on the net to see and do!

Nice to see you back though :)
Oh! stop by and enter my giveaway!!! (if you want, I don't wanna be bossy haha)