Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, over the past eight months I have been going to a ladies gym exercising, working with weights, swearing, working out more, swearing.....well, you get the idea and if you work out, you know exactly what I am saying. Last night was time to be measured again. I was a little nervous because I felt I had maybe over done it since adding a lot more protein to my diet. Got on those scales and hmmmmm, weight was the same as last month so I haven't gained. That was good news!! When my trainer finished measuring and doing totals, I have lost eight pounds and 19.5 inches total!!!! WooHoo!!! I can finally see some results. Seems like it took forever!!! These results make me even more determined to keep it up. Ooh, gotta go, I think I hear Olivia Newton John singing "Let's Get Physical". Great exercise song....see you later~~Chatty Kathy

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