Thursday, June 25, 2009

I got it finished!!!

My bowl rack, that is!! LOL!!! I have been wanting a bowl rack forever but didn't trust myself to get it right. Well, Char posted a very easy tutorial that I printed immediately and headed for my workshop. Put my stain on it last night and tonight it is proudly hanging in my kitchen. Still need to get some more bowls but I would be happy if it was empty!!! I love it!! Thanks Char!!! Now, I gotta get back to working on my TS finds from Williamsburg.

If anyone has any time for sale, I would be happy to purchase it. Twenty four hours is just not enough for me to do everything I need, want and have to do!!! He-He!! Chatty Kathy


Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

hi kathy! thanks for your input about the treenware. I do prefer the real thing myself! Glad I asked!! robin

Robin Armstrong Seeber said...

I also added you to my blog, I thought I had you listed there!!

Raggedy Angel said...

That looks great....gotta love Char!

Cookie said...

that Char is one smart cookie! Looks like you have mastered the hammer and nails too... what a gorgeous bowl rack!

lookin gooooooooooooooood ♥

Cathi said...

I'm jealous! I can do a lot of things but am all thumbs with anything wood related. Fortunately Dear Hubby is great at it. Unfortunately I have to work on his time frame, not mine. Some day I'll try again. You did a great job!

Tolentreasures said...

I love your bowl rack! What a nice job1 If you find that time, could you please let me know where you bought it?


Karen said...

I love your bowl rack!
I had seen Char's toutorial on it and now I see one made by someone....great work!

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Carmen said...

Great Bowl Rack! Love it!